Turning Archive 2004

Been so busy lost my way.

>I have been so busy working on the house, shop, 2 kids, wife, and a job from hell. I have lost my way when it comes to turning. I can't get anything to flow from the tools to my hands, but I have a floor full of nice curles and dust. I don't no if I am trying to hard to make something in stead of going with the wood or the other way around. My last piece that I would claim was done in Dec. I do no that I am (trying or atempting)to get more out of what wood I have or (trying or atempting)use the woods figure to show more in the finished piece. I tried last night just to turn a bowl nothing fancy. I ended up with a bell shaped piece of scrap. Is there a thing called turners block or blank as in my head. I know this sounds funning but it's true. Turning use to be the one thing that I could get lost in, now I can't get in. Any Idea's or words of wisdom. Thanks JHD in NC.

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