Turning Archive 2004

blackening the bowl rim

>Someone recently showed how he had blackened a bowl rim with a torch to enchance the free form edge.

Great idea. Started turning. Had my Racal dustmask on, compressor going to blow the sawdust away and put the torch to the rim. Not bad. Should sand it a bit. Started up lathe. That funny rhythmic sound was the tool rest on the rim. Okay, I'll CA glue that major crack from rim to base. Can still save the bowl.

A little more of the torch to blacken the repaired area. Now to get the sandpaper and finish. Turn around. Bowl is on fire! Go over and try to blow out the flame. Nothing happened. Realize after the fourth attemp that with a face mask on it's not going to work. Take it off to blow out flame. Down to a glowing coal. Realize compressed air was handy. Oh, oh, it will blow out a flame, but a coal....

Thanks to the flammability of the CA glue, I now have a serendipitously very artistic notch along a large part of the repaired (?) crack.

I think I'll use magic marker next time.

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