Turning Archive 2004

Wood Find & Questions *long*

Ryan McMullen
>Well, going home from work the other day I noticed some wood laying on the side of the road, neatly covered by tree limbs and branches. Yesterday as I was going to work, I slowed down to see if I could see what the wood was. It looked like Cherry, and nice sized pieces at that, so I decided that at lunch I would go a and save a few pieces from the Memphis landfill. Well, they are not cherry, but rather cedar, the kind that has that wonderfull cedar smell. So I grabbed a 3 logs, no easy task as these logs were 27" long and averaged 16" in diameter. So last night I spent the evening cutting up the logs and sealing them.

This one shows the 3 logs. They had some bad checking but I figured that they were long enought that I could cut it away and have good wood.

Here is a view with the CS sitting on the logs. To give some scale the CS is an 18" poulan.

And here is the pile of Cedar after cutting.

Now a question or 2. I noticed while sealing the pieces of cedar that they were already starting to crack - it it common for cedar to crack this fast? I'm hopeing I will get some workable wood out of this. And should I rough turn these pcs or finish turn?

Thanks for lookin'


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