Turning Archive 2004

Lidded box fever *pics*

John F.
>I think I have come down with a new version of my lathe addiction, Lidded box fever. Following are a few of the boxes I've turned this week.

Comments always welcome.

Oregon Myrtlewood box, approx 4.5"tall and about 3" wide

Oregon Myrtle, approx 2.5" tall and 3" wide

Maple burl?, not sure what kind of maple, but it is purty wood, 3" tall and about 2" wide

Spalted Maple, think its called fiddleback, 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide

More of the same wood from the last piece, 3" tall and 2" wide, one of my favorites.

My photographic skills still have a long way to go, think I spend too much time on the lathe?

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