Turning Archive 2004

carving tools

John Lucas
>Dominic brought up the question of what carving tools does Keith use. I thought this would be a good topic for everyone. I play with carving but I'm really an amatuer. I have a flex shaft tool that I got for $10 at the flea mkt. It's not a foredom, doesn't have the power and only runs at 10K but it hogs off wood much faster than my Dremel. The flex shaft has broken twice but came loose at the ends and I resolder them.

the Dremel is a tool I use a lot. It not a hogging tool but with good cutters you can do a lot. I buy cutters from www.riogrande.com or from Woodcraft.

I have a mediocre set of hand carving tools. I can put a razor edge on knives and plane irons but always have trouble getting these really sharp. I think it's me not the tools. I just need more practice.

I need more sanding tools. I have some drums that I use on my flex shaft machine but the smaller flap sanders are pretty high priced for the limited use I get out of them. What do you all use.

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