Turning Archive 2004

Chainsaw bar oil consumption tidbit

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I noticed that my Stihl 360 has been using less bar oil lately. It had been going through half a tank of oil per tank of gas, but dropped down by half again suddenly.

Since it was only a few months old I decided to take it to the service center rather than mess with it myself.

The service staff said it was operating properly and they noticed that I had a 25" bar on the saw -and that it came standard with a 20".

They told me that the longer bars actually use less oil, quite a bit less oil, as they are more efficient at retaining oil in the bar than the shorter ones are.

Sure enough, the timing of reduced oil consumption coincided with the purchase of the longer bar. As a test, I cut up a tree with the 20" bar instead recently, and oil consumption jumped right back to where it was to begin with.

I found this very interesting. Thought some of you may as well.

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