Turning Archive 2004

Little ash bowl (PICs)

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>First, I MUST learn to take better pictures. I'll try to absorb all of the recent photography advice here and make some changes. Second, I could use some help with my small bowls. Due to the 50mm jaws I use for them, I wind up with a bottom that is too flat. What do you all do? Larger bowls I have no problem with but small ones, like the 5" bowl below, give me a flat bottom outside where the profile ends too abruptly.

Anyway, this was a particularly pretty little piece of white ash. It was going to be crafts fair material but it was too pretty, so I finished it with a high gloss that it deserved. Walls are no thicker than 1/16" anywhere.

I'm going to be really sorry the day I run out of this tree. Thanks for looking.

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