Turning Archive 2004

OT: Spyware Eliminator (repost) *LINK*


Having firewall software running, I was surprised to discover that there was so much spyware installed on my old, old laptop. Spyware are applications that can track your internet browsing and do other nasty things. Don't know how long I've been infected but having removed the registry entries and files, I am noticing some increase in the navigation speed (or maybe just a placebo effect).

There are many supposedly "free" vendors for scanning for spyware, but then they bait-and-switch if you want to run their clean-up application. Although I used their list and removed most of the registry entries and files, I became suspicious of what these "free" vendors might have added. Sure enough, they added their own entries!

A friend send me a link to this shareware, which did remove all the crappola installed. They also include an 'immunization' application. It's definitely worth supporting.

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