Turning Archive 2004

I did a search first - drying burl caps

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Came up pretty empty, searched on "drying burl" for the past year.

So now I'm asking. A friend has managed to score a number of BEAUTIFUL fresh cut cherry burl caps for me, up to about 15" diameter.

How do I not ruin this wood?

Some of them I'd like to turn like a normal bowl, inspired by some of your guys natural edge burl work, and others I'd like to do more like this one...

But in either case, I'd very much appreciate some guidance. Right now they're rain soaked and fresh cut. Up to 5" thick.

I've read that normal roughing/dry/finishing sequences don't work so great on burl. No way is Mrs. Schwingding gonna let me put them in the pressure cooker, as I've read about that as well.

Just set them aside and let'm dry? Turn the bowl to finish wet? They're too pretty just to let me at them with no clue.

Thank you.

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