Turning Archive 2004

What's askew with my skew?

Susie M.
>I'm a beginning woodturner. I have a Jet 1442 and a set of new Delta tools. So far I have made 3 rolling pins, one candle holder, one small baseball bat and a hairpin.

My question is this: Sometimes I have a really hard time when I use my skew. I have used it at other times, and it glides along, peeling a curl of shaving off and leaving a wonderfully smooth surace in it's wake. OTHER times, it seems like I just can't get it right and I end up gouging and catching, cussing, swearing and gritting my teeth. So far I have not thrown the thing through the window, but probably only because wood turners have a lot of patience, right? ahem.

I am wondering if someone could direct me to a resource that I could read that might give me some insight into the correct use of the skew. I read "Introduction to Woodturning" on another webpage, and I have been trying to follow those directions. I'm am puzzled as to why sometimes it works so smoothly and other times it... well, you know...

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