Turning Archive 2004

New Lathe

Jack (Turtle Workshop)
Well I went to Woodcraft and looked at the Jet and the price. Then today I was over at Harbor Freight buying me some of those magnetic flex lights for less than 8 bucks each and there was the jet clone. Get this 179.99! Yep. 180 buckeroos. And the best is that for another 20 bucks I bought a lifetime new for old if anything goes wrong with the lathe.
My other Harbor Freight Jet clone cost me 199 bucks 3 years ago and is still ticking along.
This new lathe is going to be limited to doing the heavy lifting for segmented turning exclusively.
Now my PM does the big stuff, my Sears does the spindle stuff, and the two HF's do the grunt work.
Since I'm on a very stingy budget any bucks saved in equipment means more for the other important things like chisels, wood, and finishing.
PS: The sale ends on 4/26/04.

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