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collecting burl for turning

Harold Matthews
>Im about as new as one can getto the turning thing I have been collecting for others for years but only recently decyded to give it a spin myself problem is Im not sure how to properly handel the wood I have or will be collecting. I had stored for others piles of likely masterpeices they would come as needed and pick. All of this was stored in the round oak, ash, cherry, hackberry, elm, maple, mulberry, and so on, some spalted, some rotted. When I tryed to better organize and took thin slabs off the ends to inspect then stacked and covered with black plastic where all was just thrown in an open pile most of it split to a point beyond use >??? Other problem is I have numerous burl the local loggers alow me to harvest before they dispose of but not sure what the best method of storing is> Thank you for all and any help Harold

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collecting burl for turning
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