Turning Archive 2004

"As The Lathe Turns"

Brett Sherwood - Richmond, IN
>I though you might get a kick out of this.

After a productive evening turning I showered and hopped into bed. My beloved says "You are so talented." I did my best "Gosh Mam, Tweren't Nothing..." She said "Do you think you could make a four poster bed?" I said "Sure, but it could only be 17" tall." and went on to tell her that it would require a Monster Lathe to do that.

This morning I overheard a little blurb of a phone conversation as I walked through the kitchen. She was saying "Sure he could make you a set." I just grinned as I walked by.

A few minutes ago I took 3 turned wooden eggs into the kitchen to see if she liked them. Two of the neighbor ladies were there having coffee and were making quite the fuss over my eggs.

As the door swung closed I overheard her tell her two friends "He's going to make me a four poster bed." I eavesdropped long enough to hear her friend say "You are so lucky to have a husband like him."

I grinned looking at my little Delta lathe and said "One day, you're gonna be a Oneway!" Am I just evil, or what...

Happy Turning,


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