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Chainsawing question

Harvey Bernstein (Philly)
>Do I have a sharpening problem, a technique problem, or both.
I sharpen the teeth on my Husqy 350 18" bar using a "sharpforce" , which files at 30 or 35*, and I use 0* vertical. The teeth feel sharp when I'm finished. I do get square chunks when I crosscut and long shavings when I ripcut rounds. I am using a sawbuck.

Today while crosscutting some ~6" rounds(white oak I think), the chain grabbed the rounds and yanked them towards me (nearly coming over the sawbuck). This happened a few times.
A couple of times I started cutting w/ the chain on the round and figured that that was a technique problem, but a few times I started the chain 1st and then hit the wood w/ the chain spinning and it still happened.

So, any educated guesses as to why the saw is pulling the wood with the info I've given?

Thanks in advance,

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