Turning Archive 2004

Jet 1236 Limit found

Bert Workman
>I was pushing my lathe rather hard this evening tying to rough out a large piece of Honey Locust. I pushed a bit too hard and broke the tool rest base (banjo?) and the tool rest extension piece. I also tore out the end of the bed where the little bed extension bolts on for out board turning.

This may sound dumb, but I feel like I've lost a trusted friend. I'm holding back the tears so far but I think it only a matter of time before I soak my pillow.

I think I can fix things up without too much trouble exept for the banjo/tool rest holder. Does anybody know if a new one is available anywhere? I tried searching with google on the specific part numbers out of the manual but didn't get very far. I've also sent a note to jettools.com but I don't know how long it will take to get an answer.

Now I know why some of you folks trade up to bigger lathes. Maybe I'll join you.


Bert Workman

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