Turning Archive 2004

Nova 3000 DVR -- Impressions Please.

Brad Vietje

I'm collecting opinions on the DVR as a multi-user club lathe. As such, it needs to be relatively trouble free, and user friendly. One of the clubs I belong to is about to purchase a club lathe that will be used for demos at meetings, but will also be used to do public outreach in varied locations.

I am working on a proposal to mount the DVR on a rugged wooden bench/cabinet, and incorporate large diameter (18-20") removable wheels on the headstock end, and wheel barrow sorta handles on the tailstock end for transport. (C.H. -- the secret's out !)

If you have experience with this lathe, good or bad, please do tell ! I'm especially interested in how well it would work with a number of different (competent) users -- must be easy to learn how to use the touchpad controlls for this purpose, and especially re-starting the lathe with a heavy blank attached during rough turning operations. We want to insure that someone doesn't start a chunk of wood at 2500 RPM. Your responses will be appreciated.

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT

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