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lathe tooling concepts, help

dave jeske
>I usually hang out on the hand tool forum but I do have a few powered tools including a lathe which I am learning how to use. I figured I would go right to the experts for some insight/advice. Most of what I am currently doing is small (1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter) spindle turning. I am at the point where I can use a skew and a spindle gouge with reasonable success and know how to sharpen the tools. My problem is I do not get consistant results when going from one wood type to another. I can turn cocobolo almost glass smooth with a skew and get good results with cherry, etc but not as good as cocobolo. When I turn figured wood such as curly walnut or maple I cannot get a great finish right off the tool. In the hand tool world I use a higher pitch angle iron in my plane and a very small mouth opening, etc and can get very nice results. So... what are the tricks in the turning world? Different tool, grind, approach angle? I really hate to sand and want to get that same freshly cut fiber look I can get with a hand plane.

Thanks for any help in advancing my skills.

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