Turning Archive 2004

Wood(Burl) gloat *PIC*

Don O.
>Got a call from a logger fiend who said he had some burls for me. He saves them from his jobs. Mostly he has me make a bowl or two from burls he selects and lets me have the rest for free. I gave him a few extra bucks for his trouble though. I just about fell over when I got out of my van at his house. The big maple burl had to be cut into 4 pieces to get it in my van. The rest are a mix of cherry and maple with a small black locust for good measure. My poor minivan sagged and groaned on the hour ride home. Spent a big part of Sunday waxing them. Now I REALLY need a bigger lathe! My little Jet mini can only take so much.
Hope this loads up okay since this my first attempt at posting a photo.
Thinking spring in upstate New York,


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