Turning Archive 2004

wood in the USA

Eduardo Sarmiento Hall-Lima Peru
>Hi to all last week I recieve a visit of a turner from virginia and he came with some wood and some catalogs for me wow do you guys have it easy wood to turn they were 3 maples,ambrosia,spalted,curly and also buck elder,walnut all were really soft next to the woods we turn here he almost have a hearth attack when he turn some of my stuff and it was wet otherwise no way he could have turn the stuff that easy he was suprised at the hardness and weigth of the diferent woods even he did bring some turnings very well done the manzanita was great he want to learn how I did my boxes and the fitting of the tops air tigth and he talk me in to turning pens for fun because I trow a lot of wood great for pen making or any small stuff he will be back in the USA tuesday and will keep in touch I hope some others turners come my way will have some fun turning and shoot the breeze abouth wood and turning any questiuons or enquires post them here thanks ED

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