Turning Archive 2004

Thin elm bowl *PIC*

Larry Hancock; Ardmore, OK
>This bowl is from an elm tree I cut in my pasture. It is turned green and warped then the bottom returned. The diameter at the top is 8" by 8 3/4" and it is 3 3/4" tall. The thickness throughout is about 0.080", a Wally thickness bowl only a bowl is easier to turn thin than a hollowform. The opening is turned toward the heart. The finish is Rockler's Polyurethane Gel, 4 coats. Dave Smith brought some pieces when he came here with this finish on them and I liked the feel the finish gave to the piece.

This piece or any other piece I post is open to critique or comment of any kind so post anything you want. I feel it is for the benefit of the group to have all the information and opinions you can.

Thanks for looking.

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