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WoodCentral Server Auction Items

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL

Woodcentral Chatroom Server Benefit Auction

First: All proceeds from this auction will go to WoodCentral for the purpose of upgrading the server used to run Chatrooms.

Second: This list is being posted on the WoodCentral Message board, the Turning Forum, the Hand Tool Forum, and the Benefits Auction Board. However, after this message is posted, only bids posted on the Benefits Auction Board will be considered official.

Third: Final bidding will take place between 9pm and 11pm Eastern Daylight Time, Wednesday, 7 April 2004, on the Turning Forum Chatroom. Items will be offered one at a time during this period.

Fourth: When making a bid, state the item number that is being bid on, and the amount of the bid in US dollars. Please keep chat and comments to a minimum in the bidding thread and in the chatroom on Wednesday. (Ok, we can't stop you, but it is going to be crazy anyway)

Fifth: Winners of auction items will submit payment directly to WoodCentral. When you contact WoodCentral, give them your name, and the auction item number that you won. WoodCentral will contact the person who donated the item to confirm payment, so that the item can be sent.

Sixth: Winners of auction items should contact the person who donated the item ASAP after the auction by email and furnish their shipping address.


1) Terry Daniel - Bowl


Est Value $225

Current High Bid $50


2) Mike Schwing


7 pieces

2 red delicious apple

2 white ash - one natural edge

1 black cherry

2 ambrosia/wormy maple

Sizes are up to 13" wide and up to 7" tall. Minimum thickness is the black cherry piece in front at 3". I will substitute some of the blanks to suit your lathe. Have many smaller and larger sizes.

All are center marked and anchorsealed. All are wet. Winner to pay funds directly to Ellis. I will pay first $20 of shipping costs, UPS GROUND ONLY, from zip 21030. Cannot ship till April 15th earliest.

3) Ruth Niles & Molly Winton


I'd like to offer these 2 books for the auction. The big blue one is, "The Principles & Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning" by John Jacob Holtzapffel. This is considered to be the bible for spindle turners. It's been used but the inside is like new and I don't know the cost of this new; $25 maybe, or more(?).

The second book is a soft cover brand new book full of pictures of Victorian turnings; porch and stair spindles, ornamental designs, etc. New cost $18.95

So the auction would be for one "I'll Be Turning In My Grave" shirt, either blue or green (winners' choice) plus a "Carpe Lignum, Torne Lignum" shirt style of winning bidders choice plus free shipping. See Ruths Website for Styles, Colors and Sizes of her shirts.


IF you have time, check the merchandise page and let me know. The winner can choose their style shirt and size (after checking to be sure I have their size in their style choice

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $50


4) Michael Cody


20 blanks & 10 kits, well over 60-70$ worth of stuff, all the items in the pic are labled...

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $


5) Wally Dickerman


 I'll donate a hollow vessel for a good cause. Curly maple with a walnut collar. Thin walled, 4 inches in diameter. Was about to be on its way to a gallery with some other pieces.

EST Value $275

 Current High Bid $275


6) Ryan McMullen and Chuck Ludwigsen


Ryan McMullen and I are donating 2 each Black Walnut, Black Cherry, and Boxelder to be sold as a set of 6 in the benefit auction. They will vary in thickness from just over 2" to between 4-6" and will vary in diameter. They will all be planed both faces, cut round, and anchorsealed. We will post photos tomorrow night after we finish prepping them.

We will cover the first $20 of shipping USPS Parcel Post from Zipcode 38128.

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $100


7) Doug Leite


I will donate 30 Koa wood wine bottle stopper blanks, ea 1 1/4+ sq. X 2 1/8+ long including USPS shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $60


8) Scott Greaves


 I know it doesn't look like much, but this is the pen blank I'm donating to the auction. It is Chestnut, and it is dry and solid. It is at least 3/4" x 3/4" x 6". It is from siding that was on Paul Revere's home at the time he made his famouse ride. So the value here is in the history that goes with it. This will make somebody a fantastic pen! I will include with it story of how it came to be in my posession as verification of its authenticity. I will also include shipping to the US or Canada.

 Est Value $??

Current High Bid $35


9) Ron Sardo


1000 Full Color Business Cards w/design

Est Value $205

Current High Bid $100


  1. Kurt Krauter


I've got a couple boxes of these storage drawer units. I will donate to the auction 2 cases. Each case contains 12 drawer/boxes and they are 5"x5"x18"D. We sell them as small parts storage for shelving systems. I use them in my shelving for small items.

I will pay for shipping for each carton. The cost for these guys are about $5.00/ea so....I would say the starting bid for a carton of 12 should be about $55.00 - $60.00 and I would imagine that freight chgs would be around $20.00.

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $50


11) Ernie Miller Topeka


 Up for auction it a DISSTON D8 squew back hand saw 11TPI this saw is in very good shape there is no rust or pitting the etch is clear and visible. It measures 25" overall and has a blade that is 22" the handle is in perfect shape nothing to talk bad about and I try to bring up all the bad points. The medallion dated this saw to 1917-42 which puts it in line with the other saws from this till. It appears sharp and ready to use.This saw came in a till with several others and they were all taken care of by there owner. This one is no exception. I'll pay shipping to the lower 48 states

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $

 12) David Chung


Here is my contribution: A Norfolk Pine Log, cut fresh within the last two weeks, eight (8) inches in diameter, with branches. Will include shipping via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the continental US. The value of the shipping cost alone should be about $60, depending on where you are. Please note that spalting starts almost immediately after the tree is cut down. This section of log on the donated piece has eight branches! Finished size should not be over 6-1/2" in diameter when turned end grain. Height should be about 6-8 inches. Photo is of a bowl 7" x 1-1/2", turned end grain within two weeks of being cut, so spalting is very minimal.

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $

13) John Lucas


I will make 3 turning tools similar to these but with matching handles. These are the tools I use to make hollow ornaments. One straight hollowing tool, one bent hollowing tool and one 1/4" skew. The blades are water hardened drill rod heat treated to around 58 to 60 rockwell. I'll make them and ship them to you within 2 weeks of the auction.

Est Value $??

Current High Bid $50

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