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Thank You Everybody

Brett Sherwood - Richmond, IN
>Thank you for all your posts, and e-mails. A special thanks to the fellow who emailed me twice and said get your buttox to the hospital. I had the presence of mind to take the piece of wood out of the lathe and take it with me. Our local hospital is about five minutes away and I made the drive in a speedy fashion. I had the offending piece of wood under my arm, and was digging through my wallet for my insurance card as I walked through the doors. I don't really remember the coversation with the triage nurse but she called the doctor and reviewed the conversation with him. The doors from the emergency room to my left busted open and a doctor hurriedly came over to me and yanked the piece of wood out of my hands. The Totally strange thing was that we knew one another. He said "Hi Brett", and I said "Hi John." (I have a commercial sandblasting shop as a sideline business and had sandblasted and painted a horse trailer for him last summer.) He said that's a mighty fine looking piece of Ipe (sounded like eee-pay) you have there. "What were you making?" I can't honestly tell you what I was thinking, but I was glad the man knew what we were dealing with. I said I didn't know for sure and that I was just turning it into a round. Then he asked me where I got it... I was kind of expecting that he would be more concerned about my inability to breathe, but we discussed where I got it and that some people call it Greenheart or Ironwood. He listened to my breathing and sent me to get an x-ray of my chest. When I saw him again about 25 minutes later he said I had Pneumonia. The dust from the turning apparently just aggrevated it. He ordered 2 shots of anti-biotics, and another two shots of something just in case it was an allergic reaction. Nurse Ratchett came in and administered his wishes in both arms. The needles didn't really hurt but my arms still feel like I was in a prize fight, and lost quite badly. Dr. John came back in and we discussed wood turning for the next 15 minutes. He is a really cool guy that has an 1800's style turning setup with wide leather belts powering his equipment. He mentioned where he lived and I knew exactly what his shop looked like because I was there during an open-house years ago. We really hit it off and I asked if he had ever heard of WoodCentral. He said he would look this website/BB up the next time he was online. He is coming over to my workshop to help me with a dust exhaust system and invited me to come see his workshop. How cool is that! "Everything happens for a reason" according to my beloved Grandfather who passed away many years ago. I'm getting ready to put on my suit and respirator and thoroughly vacuum the workshop just in case it was an allergic reaction. Thank you all for your concern and comments.


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