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Please help me immediately! *PIC*

Brett Sherwood - Richmond, IN
>I just turned this piece of some kind of exotic South American wood fron a 4 x 4 into a round and I feel really, really ill. My local "wood guy" gave it to me for free to see if the wood was turnable. He told me the name of it which I can't remember right now. Their shop custom makes flooring as well as ornamental work. This wood is as dense as any I've ever seen. The grain is very straight. I held my breath while turning it down to a round which was incredibly fast with my new Sorby 32mm roughing gouge. It's my own stupidity for having to post this message because I have a full face Bullard respirator and didn't use it. I posted pictures of the turning in hopes that someone can tell me if this wood is poisonous. I still feel a little loopy but seem to be getting better. Can any of you shed any light on what kind of wood this is?

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Please help me immediately! *PIC*
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