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Penturners Rendezvous! Long (but worth it!)

Scott Greaves in Blackfoot ID
>Hi Everybody!

I can hardly wait for the Penturners Rendezvous! Itís just a little over two months away now! Itís hard to believe it will be so soon! We are really going to have a great time!

This year we have a bigger room, and we will be able to have commercial tables there, so you can buy all those necessary penturning supplies! There will be penturning demonstrations, and Iím even working on possibly having one of Beallís Lathe Wizards there!

Of course there will be lots of penturners there, with lots of great pens! It is really great to meet everyone and put a face to a name! We have been working for months to assure this will be the best Rendezvous ever!

Oops! I forgot to mention the door prizes! We have enough great door prizes that darn few will go home empty handed. We have everything from gift certificates to a new mini lathe! All you have to do to be eligible for a door prize is to register ahead of time.

OK, so hereís the nitty gritty. The Penturners Rendezvous is going to be held June 9, 2004 at the Holiday Inn in Provo Utah. It will likely run from Seven pm. Until ten or so. That is the same day as the Craft Supplies Super Wednesday Sale, and is the day before the start of the Utah Woodturning Symposium! Registration this year is $10.00 to cover the cost of the room and other expenses. To register, visit:


If the Rendezvous was the only thing happening, it would be enough, but this is going to be a whole week full of turning activities! It all starts on Tuesday. For those getting into town early, we have arranged a tour of the Legacy Woodworking factory, where they make the Legacy Mills. This will be Tuesday afternoon, and should promise to be educational and fun!

Early on Wednesday morning they throw open the doors and commence the biggest sale of woodturning stuff anywhere! Craft Supplies USA, conveniently located in Provo Utah, has been holding this sale for years, in conjunction with the Utah Symposium. If it were just an opportunity to buy great stuff cheap, it would be worth it, but it is so much more! Many of the people who are in town as demonstrators for the Symposium also give demonstrations all day at the Super Wednesday Sale! Also many of the manufacturers of turning tools are there showing off their goods, from Oneway to Sorby! I havenít even mentioned the best part yet! All day long there will be penturning demonstrations! Rich, Kurt and myself will be holding forth on advanced penturning ! You never know what will happen Ė last year we blew up a Oneway lathe!

Then after all this fun and excitement, we have the Penturners Rendezvous! This really is a great event for penturners! Itís about the lonely chance we have to get us all together at once! Weíll also be exhibiting this yearís pen display! Whether youíre going to be at the Rendezvous or not, get in on the pen display! We want to show everybody the best there is in penturning today! This year we have two categories Ė 1) pens made with a Slimline kit, and 2) any other pens! Not only will this pen display be shown at the Penturners Rendezvous, but it will also be on display at the Utah Symposium Instant Gallery, as well as the AAW Symposium Instant Gallery! Do your own bit for world harmony and great penturning, and send in your pen today! Oh, and there are prizes too! The best pens in each category will be awarded prizes fit for a King!

Had enough? Well, the Utah Woodturning Symposium comes next. Three days of the best in woodturning! This is the oldest woodturning symposium in the world! And this year is their 25th Anniversary, so they are going all out to make it special! If you ever wanted to rub elbows with the best turners anywhere, or maybe pick their brain, this is the place to be. One extra event this year is the exhibition of Woodturned Art at the BYU Art Museum, one of the largest college art museums in the country! Along with the best work of the best turners, I hear there will also be a special display of pens there as well!

Donít miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in woodturning! Sign up today!


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