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Auction Information

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>This is a copy of the Information that I posted on the Main Message Board.

I will be posting the list of Auction Items with discriptions and Pictures (if available).

When I post the Action, we will also state the rules.

If you have you have items to donate to the auction, please post them publicly - either in the Turning Message Board, or the Main Message board OR BOTH. When you do please either email me a copy, or at least email me telling me that it is out there. Attach Pictures if possible.

Please state the estimated value, and whether or not you will pay shipping and any other special conditions.

If necessary, post a minimum bid.

We will accept items for the auction until 6pm EST.

The Item List and Rules will be posted on All of the Message boards by about Noon EST on Sunday.

We will attempt at the time of the initial posting to note the current High Bid.


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Auction Information
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