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Question about R&D Bandsaws

Chuck Ludwigsen
>Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need your input regarding past experiences with a supplier. In order to be fair and to give them a chance to correct the situation, I will not post the details of the transaction at this time. Also, I would appreciate if you would send me your experiences - positive or negative - privately in an email. I will base any decision to bring more of the issue to light on the company's willingness to correct the situation and your responses. I do not desire to wrongly accuse the company of anything. But if they fail to correct this issue and have any history of other questionable practices with any of you, then I owe it to all of you - potential customers - to bring it to light.

The company in question is R&D Bandsaws (TuffTooth). Please let me know what experiences you have had - positive or negative - with this company's representatives, service, products, or shipping and return policies.

Thank you.

Chuck Ludwigsen

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