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Bill Buck
>Hello; I'm new to turning and have followed your advise so as not to re-invent the wheel and so far so good. I would like some advice again. I want to get a drill chuck for the lathe which has a # 2 MT. I see several types are available
1-chuck with permanent tapered shaft attached
2-chuck with a removable MT shaft that is screwed into the chuck itself.
3-chuck with a removable shaft that has a taper on each end, one for the chuck and one for the headstock MT if that makes sense?
I'm leaning towards the chuck with the shaft that has a MT on each end. The chuck is of the 1/2 inch variety.
Also I need a 60 degree live center, is it advisable to get a live center with changable ends and if so where should I turn too.

Thanks again for being here,

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