Turning Archive 2004

Winged Bowl in Olive (Feedback welcomed)

David Eaves
>Hi there,

Been back in the workshop today, late afternoon and into the evening.
I attacked a 5" square Spanish Olivewood blank I had bought from a supplier along with what you guys call anchorseal. (While I was ordering thought I'd get something a bit different to turn)

With it being square and having a fascination with square stuff.. I decided whatever I made would have square bits. :o)

First job was straightening the blank up with a handsaw (nothing powered to do it yet) Then knowing what shape I had in mind I cut two slithers off to make pens with.

The wood itself had quite a few shakes, which is to be expected according to my book. Anyhow having heard good things about it I started turning away hoping it wood be tight grained enough to hold the square edges.

I wasn't dissapointed it turns really well, quite soft but will take fine detail. Very oily wood, I ended up with a hairdryer on it to help sanding. It smells nice to turn too. Made sure I cleaned up properly before coming in though... the oil is supposed to be very corrosive to steel. I cleaned all the steel that had been in contact with white spirit too just to be safe.

Here's the form I ended up with, sanded up to 400 sanding sealer applied and then fine sanded again. Finish is briwax and burinshed with paper cloth.

This I think is my best bowl for having square detail now, I think I've finally sussed how to get the flowing wings right. Not perfect but I think the next one should be the last "development" one :o)
I'd appreciate any thoughts on the form and design.
It was going to have square corners but I lost one due to a crack which I didn't get the CA glue on quick enough. I decided to radius them to match. I took them in quite a bit I'm pleased with how this turned out.

This was quite a hard beastie to get a photo of without getting distortion from the lense.



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