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Preserving blanks

Susie M.
>Holy smoke! The more I read the more I find I need to learn. Wet wood...dry wood...paint the ends... turn it on it's end... let it weather...

Gees, all I have done is grab a few pieces out of the firewood pile. I have access to a lot of wood, but have never done anything to protect or enhance the wood for turning. I have walnut, hackberry, oak, osage orange, mulberry, locust,redbud, box elder, sycamore, elm and other woods. I have several large locust trees that have big burls on the sides of them. They are about 2' across and about 18-20" deep. I'm waiting until I have more knowlege and skill to tackle them.

Perhaps one of you guys knows a good reference I can link to that would talk about the different ways to preserve blanks and the different qualities, properties and characteristics of different kinds of wood.

P.S.- I appreciate all the information I have found here so far.
Thanks, Susie M.

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