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Cherry Alert!! Bucks County PA

Dominic Greco in Sunny Richboro PA

So I'm driving home tonight and my internal "turning stock" radar starts going off like mad. I know I'm near something, but just can't see it. That is, until I pull up a bit and see that the road crews have been out and have cut down a pretty substantial wild cherry tree. I estimate the tree to have been at least 22" to 28" diameter at the base. Several of the pieces were just too big for me to handle. But I managed to get (3) nice size ones into the back of my truck.

I just unloaded them and painted the end-grain. And BOY! am I beat! The biggest chunk must have weighed around 200lbs!

The trees are located on the right side of Rt# 322, between Buck Road and Newtown/Richboro Road, heading towards Tyler State Park.

As I was pulling away, I noticed another one had been cut own several yards up the road. So I'm giving you all a chance to grab some very pretty cherry wood. I wish I had taken a picture of the grain before I coated it with Anchorseal, but I couldn't wait. I already have enough cherry to last me through next year (A co-worker gave me a huge tree several weeks ago).

So as my Uncle used to say, "Don't' say I never give you nuttin'!"

Now go snag some Cherry before it's all gone!

Good luck!

See ya around,

My ugly mug


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Cherry Alert!! Bucks County PA
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