Turning Archive 2004

Finish Turning a *very* wet piece of cherry

Greg W. in NC
>I have some very wet cherry bowl blanks, with bark attached. This tree was cut within the last couple of weeks, I think. I would like to use quite a few of these blanks for natural edge bowls. My question, how do I do that? Should I rough turn these, and finish later, as usual? Or should I try to finish the bowls as I turn them? I know cherry checks very easily, so I don't want to lose these, or the bark from them.

After seeing Mike Schwing's recent posting, where he finished it 'while wet', it makes me think maybe that's a good way to finish? However, Bill Grumbine also mentioned having rough turned one, and returning it, but unsure whether the bark would stay attached.

I have a customer that wants one in 3 days.....is that even possible? The bowl would go 1/2 way around the world, so there would be virtually no way to repair it, or even replace it should it crack. Thanks for any and all replies!

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