Turning Archive 2004

First projects

Susie M.
>Last week I bought a Jet 1442 lathe and a basic set of Delta tools. I hauled and set the lathe up by myself VERY CAREFULLY! Thank the Lord for furniture dollies. I have turned 4 pieces now. My first was a candle holder from a piece of old walnut (4x4) the second was a miniature baseball bat for my son from an old dowel. Then out of a little piece of scrap pine or fir or something I made a "hairpin." It is a thing I stick in my hair to hold it in a bun. It is about the size of a ballpoint pen.

Today I made a rolling pin. It is made from a piece of mulberry out of the firewood pile. I was going to make it a little thicker, but a couple minor gouges forced me to keep turning away. The ends fit my hands just right, and I don't think the minor cracks in the wood will keep me from using it. (I was going to include a picture, but the picture was too large a file, and I am not very proficient at this computer stuff.)

I plan to keep reading and working to get better. If I learn of any workshops in my area that I can get away for, I will plan to attemd. In the meantime, I find this to be a very gratifying hobby. I think I can even use the larger of the shavings in the bottom of the chicken house......

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