Turning Archive 2004

Bandsaw safety tip

>A trick I learned years ago when using the bandsaw to cut turning blanks is to lock my little finger of my left hand under the table so that fingers of that hand cannot reach the blade, no matter what, then I use that hand to push the wood toward the blade; my right hand is pushing the wood toward the left hand. I have no trouble cutting tall blanks on my 1.5hp Delta with riser and 3/8" x 4 teeth per inch blades. Endgrain sawing is totally different from crossgrain and part of the cut is being made without crossing growth rings. As you know from ripping with a chainsaw, endgrain sawing will load your teeth with fibers which will stop the blade from cutting, even though the blade is still sharp. Try pausing frequently to give the blade time to unload. Above all, remember that we are asking the bandsaw to do something it was not designed to do. (cut endgrain).

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