Turning Archive 2004

Band Saw Tension

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>Reading the post below about Mike reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask here: I've got a 16" MM band saw, and a Timberwolf 1/4 4TPI blade, with a homeade circle cutting jig for bowl blanks. The jig works fine for smaller, thinner stuff, say four to six inches thick - but tall thick blanks, like Mike was saying, cause major binding and twisting on the blade - I usually just have to freehand on the BS with big stuff, which I don't like, b/c of what happened to Mike, or I just pick up the chainsaw. Do I need more tension on the blade? And no, I don't have a tension gauge, other than the one on the saw, which seems to be way off. Is tension even my problem? Any advice is appreciated guys, thanks.


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