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David Yoho
>I've just uploaded four new Shop Shots. My schedule here is still very tight but I managed to squeeze in some time this weekend to work on these new shots. I still have a backlog waiting in the pipeline and should get to them next week when I'm off. All I can tell you is we have some real humdingers coming!

Here is a brief rundown of our newest shots:

In Shot #547, Brian Gray shares his experience of building an infill plane at the Conover Workshops. Find out what he had doubts about this project and how the instructors from the Shepherd Tool Company resolved them.

In Shot #548, Jason Young shares his wall mounted tool chest he built with us. He got the inspiration he needed to get started after watching Norm build one. He says even though he didn't have a plan to work by, "winging it" with a few rough sketches worked for him.

In Shot #549, Stephen Yale shows us a lovely dining table he built from rough pine for his brother and his wife. He found dimensioning his own stock satisfying and made the assembly much easier.

In Shot #550, Moses Yoder gives us a detailed look at the beautiful wall-hung toolbox he built. Organizing tools by groups and the use of folding panels make this one a real winner. Add to that his choice of special woods and you have a real feast for the eyes.

Moses Yoder's Shop Shot is special in another respect. It marks 550 Shop Shots posted to date. I've noticed a steady increase in submissions since the beginning of this year. If submissions keep coming as they have been, I think we'll hit the 600 mark well before the end of the year, which would be a first!

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

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