Turning Archive 2004


Mike Schwing from Md.
>Yup - bandsaw injury yesterday. Was rounding some end grain maple blanks and having a hard time with one of them - more on that later. Got an idea - maybe its grain direction or something, so instead of keeping the blank on the outside of the blade, I put it on the inside - went through like butter! Weird. But then I did the stupid thing - the blank had a whiskey barrel shape to it from the first half of the cut, and it was cutting so nicely that I decided to cut off the barrel shape - and when it went through the end of it I jammed my ring finger - right hand, right into the 4 tpi timberwolf blade.

Did NOT want to look at it. Don't recall turning the saw off but obviously did. Clutched my hand, walked to the sink and took a peek - eeeewwwww. Imagine holding your hand like a karate chop and pushing the ring finger into the blade - thats it. Went down to the fatty tissie, cut length stops just short of the knuckle and goes all way around to others side of the tip. Almost no blood or pain the whole time but it throbs now. Stitched me up, gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. Lucky cut - no bone, no nerve, no artery, no tendon involvement.

No using this hand for a week.

Brings me to my next question - my 14" Jet keeps tripping my 15 amp breaker under load. Nothing else is on that circuit, wires aren't getting hot. Any ideas? Do breakers go bad?

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