Turning Archive 2004

crunch time!

Keith Tompkins
>crunch time is over, back home in one piece. I got to meet Ellis as he was checking in to his room! I sat in on one of his seminars, but had to leave half-way through to prepare for my own...

I had my first major blunder at one of my demo's...I cut one of my suspended turnings into. I guess the inside dimension exceeded the outside dimension. Funny, we had just discussed the subject of mistakes and catches as a major reason more turners don't do demos.

WE all had a good chuckle, and it worked out as a good learning experience. After the demo, the turner who started the conversation mentioned to me that he raised the same subject at a Bin Pho demo. Bin promptly exploded a thin-walled vessel.

I will post photos as soon as I can of my pieces I put in the competition. How did my scuptural piece fare? After a night of anticipation and fitful sleep I stumbled into the exhibition hall....YES! First place! My segmented entry?...second!...I tip my hat to Rich Pagano, whose stunning piece was awarded first in the segmented section. My friend, and fellow WC addict Ron Mower received third!

a great show! Thanks to all for the support!

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