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grinder woes "long"

dominic palazzola
>hello everyone this is my first post here in turning.
iv been woodworking for a few years and just recently decided that i wanted to do a little turning, chair spindals and such. so after doing some searching on google groups and reading i decided on the 12 x 35" lathe from harbor freight and there hss tools. seemed like everyone says this is a good deal for a beginner and i caught the lathe on sale for 179.00 and thre tools for 29.00. so here i was with this lathe and tools and soon found out that i needed to learn to sharpen these lathe tools. so off i am again in search of the best way to sharpen these tools, i ended up at oneways site and chose the wolverine system. on there recomendation i chose a 8" 3450 rpm grinder,, so off to the delta service center i pick up a grinder and then off to woodcraft and buy the wolverine jig,skew attachment,dressing jig. keep in mind here all i want to do is turn a few spindals and i see the dollars adding up fast. so i get home and i follow oneways directions and mount the grinder and jig to a base and start learning to sharpen. and at first all is going pretty good, after about a dozen sharpening sessions the grinder starts vibrating very badly and only gets worse,, did the dressing jig thing and that didnt seem to help. so off to woodcraft again and pick up a new 80 grit wheel and mount that. well the shaking and vibrating is worse then the stock wheels that came with the grinder. scratching my head i remove the wheels all together and turn the grinder on and all is running smooth. put the 60 grit stock wheel on and runs pretty smooth, take that off and put the 36 grit wheel on and the shaking is terrible, take that wheel off and put the new blue 80 grit wheel on and the shaking is worse then the last wheel. hhmmmm so now im thinking that i need to buy the balancing kit from oneway. so on further observation as the grinder is slowing down i can see alot of side to side wobble in the three stones, is this normal? are these defects in the wheels or is there some way to dress the wheel sides? am i approaching this whole thing wrong? before i spend any more money id like to know if im missing something here. at this rate by the time im done putting this sharpening system together i am going to have a lot of money invested to just turn spindals.

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