Turning Archive 2004

Delta 1440>>>>Jet 1442

Rob Moser
>Hey there, just got done with a big ordeal I know many of you have already gone through. I purchased a Delta 1440 (46-715) lathe 12 days ago, I was apprehensive about buying it with all of the bad reviews I had read, but I figured it couldn't happen to me, and the saleman reassured me of its quality. Well I brought it home, set it up, couldn't get into high speed, that was an easy fix though, then noticed the popular rattle, opened it back up and at some speeds you would think I was running a chain instead of a V-belt through the pulleys, the pulleys which were also not running true, so then I knew this wasn't going to work out. I took it back today and purchased a new Jet 1442 lathe and it is a dream compared to the aforementioned Delta. This lathe has the precision and power of any professional lathe, and I am just as happy turning on it as I am on my neighbors Oneway 2436...Thanks for all the great info on the message board...Have a good one

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