Turning Archive 2004

crunch time!

Keith Tompkins
>Tomorrow I leave to set up for Northeastern Woodworkers Showcase. My demo pieces are ready. New pieces for display and competition are all polished up. Tools are sharpened. Yep...got my slides. Car is serviced. I am dead tired! Two weeks solid preparing and finishing up.

Saratoga, NY, where the show is held annually, is one of the most beautiful spots I have visited. Although not too far away, I anticipate each visit.

I'm taking a big risk this year, entering a scuptural piece in the competion section. Made from holly and ebony, turned between centers on three different axis, then hollowed. A WILD piece, the judges will either love it or (well you know)

Ellis and Ernie Conover will be two of the judges! I think it would be easier to hit a home-run off a major-league pitcher than to place in this show...Batter up!!!!

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