Turning Archive 2004

Want to thank you guys

Mike Schwing from Md.
>For all of the wonderful advice you've given me and the patience shown. What sparked this particular note of thanks is that due to your suggestions, I have managed to forge a relationship with a local tree removal company that goes like this..

"Hi Mike? This is so and so from so-and-so tree company. This week we're cutting down some large trees I know you'd be interested in. We have a large silver maple, a cherry and a walnut coming down this week. Please call me with your cutting requirements so I can tell the boys what to leave for you."

So this afternoon I'm going to pick up a large silver maple trunk, already cut into 22" sections, and tomorrow I've got a 20" cherry.

They usually take their trees to the dump and pay by the truckload, so its a win-win for everybody.

I'm providing turning blanks to a local lumber store as barter for flat lumber so this arrangement couldn't be better.

Thank you! What a great sport this is.

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