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>We’re having a woodturning contest over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopper/ for all you wine bottle stopper makers, and I hope to see you sign-on for the challenge. And, for those of you who don’t make stoppers, maybe you should…there will be some really neat prizes.

Ryan, over at http://www.WoodTurningz.com , has generously donated a $15.00 gift certificate for the first place winner of our contest. Additionally, the contest winner will be invited to write a compensated article for the summer or fall ’04 issue of Woodturning Design magazine, on their creation. If the winner accepts the invitation, he or she will not only get some tremendous recognition in our woodturning community for a great job, but they will also get some hard cash for having their article published. The second and third place winners will receive a very nice 5" X 5" X 2" Pink Ivory Bowl blank.

So, here are the contest's guidelines and rules:

1. The contest is intended to inspire all of you to design and make an innovative, interesting and original Wine Bottle Stopper and Container set. The design of this set is completely up to you and your imagination.
2. The "container" does not necessarily have to be a box...it could be a stand or any other form of display, storage device or system. The stopper's base may be cork, chrome, silicone or anything else you can come up with. The stopper's top may be wood, acrylic or any other material, as long as it has been turned on a lathe.
3. Ryan Polokoff (WoodTurningz.com), Joe Herrmann (Woodturning Design Editor) and I will judge the contest and select the winners; thus, none of our work will be entered into the contest.
4. There will need to be a minimum of ten entries for the contest to be considered viable. If there are less than ten entries, the contest will either be extended for an additional period of time, or cancelled.
5. Anyone (besides Ryan, Joe and myself) may enter the contest.
6. You may enter up to 4 separate works. Each item should be designed and made by you or your team. Collaborations between two or more of you are perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
7. All contest submissions should be posted as one or two photos via the "Photos" link to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopper/ (our Bottle Stopper Yahoo Group), and in the photo folder named "Box'd Stoppers Contest". When you post the photos, be sure to note your name in the photo description area. If for any reason, you are un-able to post your photos on our Yahoo Stoppers Group Photos page, you may send the photos to me as an e-mail attachment ( yoyo@yoyospin.com ), and I will post them for you.
8. Submissions (photos of your work) must be posted by 30 June 2004.
9. Judging will be completed, and winners announced on or before 9 July 2004.

Best regards, and good luck
Ed Davidson

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