Turning Archive 2004

Wish I'd thought of this sooner

Mike Schwing from Md
>I'm usually the last one to the party, so I've probably just reinvented the wheel here, but in case not, I'd like to share a huge time savings idea I had last night.

It involves dust and chips collection. I put my shavings in 80 gallon bags and make about one trip per week to the woods where they're deposited. They sit, bagged, in my basement till that day comes. I scoop, push, lift, and gather them manually into the large bags, and reserve my dust collector system for other jobs as the bag fills up too quickly with shavings from the lathe. Since I'm a neat freak, this takes up several chunks of time each day. My habitual cleaning method is to clean up once for the outside of the bowl, once for the inside, and then again after sanding. Its less daunting than all at once and the chips don't track upstairs quite as readily.

Last night I looked at that monster dust collector, and thought, why the heck can't I just attach the garbage bags directly to that instead of using the standard canvas collection bag. I recall talking to Terry at AFF about the bottom bag where he said it provided no filtration, nor really any add'l surface area for the air to blow through, so I figured plastic down there wouldn't affect performance too much, or I had hoped.

So I did. Somewhere in the back of my brain a worry developed about the bag getting sucked back into the whirling mass of air, so I put a chunk of offcut into the bottom, and used the big hose clamp to secure the bag. Turned the sucker on and VIOLA! It works great! GREAT GREAT GREAT! No problems with the bag blowing out, no rips/tears, nothing.

Even Mrs. Schwing got in on the fun using what she nicknamed the pillsbury dough boy (not me, the dust collector) with those huge aftermarket bags from AFF on top.

This was my brightest light bulb to go off in a long time. (so I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer) The shavings are also diced and sliced into smaller bits and what used to take 2 80 gallon bags now fits nicely into one.

No more scooping handfulls of chips into bags, sneezing and getting in my eyes, and I get to run the dough boy more often as well. Cool.

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