Turning Archive 2004

Wally's small treasures

Keith Tompkins
>Hidden in the post of Wally's small treasures is a very important lesson, which deserves further attention.

Judging by the photos, it would be difficult to judge the size of the pieces. Part of the reason, I feel, is Wally's meticulous attention to form.

While a large piece may rely on spectacular grain patterns or large proportions, a smaller piece must rely heavily on good form to be successful. That is part of the premise behind the "small treasures" exhibit at del Mano gallery.

The lesson? Learn to produce good forms. Buying a bigger lathe will not make you a better turner. All the fancy tools in the world won't do it either. Learn to appreciate good form and strive to produce it. It's not always how BIG a turning is, it's HOW WELL it is done.

I hope Wally won't mind me using his work as an example(again)

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