Turning Archive 2004

Kiln drying roughs?

Mike Schwing from Md
>I was put in touch with a local sawmill who has a kiln used to dry flat lumber up to 8/4. He was intrigued by my query about drying roughed bowls, enough to offer me space, no charge, as an experiment.

He said that it takes approx 3 months to dry 6/4 lumber, mostly ash, down to 18%, which is where he pulls it out and uses it. That would significantly shorten the drying time over that of my shelves at home.

I was initially curious about drying sealed blanks but since he said he hasn't been successful at drying anything over 8/4 I dropped back to the drying roughs idea.

Has anyone experimented with this? Would you suggest drying one species over another? How about sealing? I normally seal just endgrain of roughs, unless its apple, then I seal the whole thing.

I'm strongly considering experimenting with a half dozen roughs of different species, and figure someone here probably can steer me towards or away from this idea with some experience.

Comments? Experience? Advice? Thanks!

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