Turning Archive 2004

The red, white, and blue truck came today

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>And it dropped off a box from bestwoodtools.com that contained their modular tool rest system consisting of round stainless bars rather than flat tool rests. Also purchased their 3" precision spindle extension.

I had begun turning a large platter from white ash this morning using the standard tool rest, went to lunch and saw the box at the doorstep. First impression was "wow, big, meaty stuff." Changed out to the new rest and started turning. At first I didn't put two and two together but marveled anyway at how the tool was gliding smoothly along the workpiece, and then realized it was due entirely to the new toolrest.

The ability that the round style rest gives is remarkable! Remarkable! I don't think I'll be going back to the flat one any time soon. The only possible drawback is that with the straight bar the vertical post on the banjo sticks out farther than the rest, so getting the rest immediately next to the work when the rim is in the way - on insides, isn't really possible. However, I bet I can remove 3/16" of material from that banjo's corner and solve that problem. I also received the 4" radius curved modular rest. Very nice!

The spindle extension had no measurable runout using a caliper with a magnetic base stuck to the lathe bed, and it weighed a couple of pounds on its own - big beefy piece of work. I like having a little extra room in between the headstock, but wonder if it'll have a negative effect on the bearings eventually.

Why didnt' you guys tell me how nice round tool rests were?

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