Turning Archive 2004

Molly's branding process *PIC*

Molly Winton
>Wayne Allen asked if I would post how I do my branding process, so I had my husband take a few shots of me in the process this afternoon. As John Lucas asked, yes I do have a fan nearby, due to the amount of smoke that the branding generates. I have the fan set up so it pulls the smoke away from me, rather than blowing across my work. John, I will be in Provo this year if you'll be there. I'll be bringing some of my work along for the instant gallery. Thanks for everyone's kind words about my work. There are 5 pictures of the process, so please bear with me.

Here are all the tools I use. The DetailMaster Sabre is my burning unit. The hand piece (pen) is made by a gentleman in Australia, which allows me to use my home-made brands (a couple are seen on the machine and in the pen). Razortip also makes an interchangeable pen now that can be adapted to the DetailMaster. I always have a test block handy too, to check out how a brand will work, or the best temperature to use. The wire brush is to get ash or wood oil build up off the brand.

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