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Spindle Production Pics for -e- *PIC*

>On the chat Wed. nite, a few of us were discussing architectural reproduction (spindle work) and -e- asked a lot of interesting questions. So, -e-, I took a picture of what I did Sat.

This job(s) was for an antique furniture repairman. He brings me spindles he needs reproduced, I turn them and this is exactly how he gets them. I sand them but don't cut the ends or do any finishing. Many times he'll bring a chair because he can't get any of the good spindles out and I charge more for that because it's a lot more measuring. He cuts the ends because when reinstalling a chair spindle, he can't separate the legs, so he cuts the tenons so he can slide one side in, fit the other end and slide it just enough to hold it in the chair.

I have no idea what the tall spindles are for; possibly a stairway. I don't ask, don't really care, just do the work and take the money! : )

p.s. the picture looks fuzzy to me but is very clear in My Documents, sorry.

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