Turning Archive 2004

Newbie experiment gone right

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>These are finally dry now, or are at least not losing any weight and aren't cold to the touch. Both were my first end grain turnings and I left the pith right in the center, hoping that they would survive. Both did very well! Beginner's luck probably. I know they're not perfect or wonderful but I'm new. 14" tall and 10" tall.

They were both turned wet to about 3/8" all way around, sanded and put in a few paper bags to slow dry for a few weeks. Then they were both liberally coated with walnut oil in the hopes of helping keep them from cracking.

The cherry vase did not crack or warp in the least. The apple one had little pith cracks in it when I turned it, I just didn't notice them until I was done. Still, they didn't expand while drying. The apple one warped just a bit.

I know they might still move a bit more as the time and years roll by, but would consider them air dry.

Fun new turning method for me. I guess the oil limits the finishing options, but if it helps keep them from cracking, might be worth it? Do you gents think that it helps or was it just another case of wishful thinking?

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