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Klingspor's Woodworking Shop *LINK*

John Uteck - Charlotte, NC
>I bought my lathe about a year ago from the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Charlotte - they gave me a great deal, and had it in my hands within a couple of days after buying it, even though it seemed like the rest of the country was waiting for the Jet 1642's to come in. I was very pleased with everything Klingspor's did for that sale - they did a great job!!

This past weekend, at the Woodworking Show in Charlotte, I noticed that the banjo on Klingspor's demo lathe moved much easier than mine ever did since day 1. I never realized there was a problem with mine until I tried theirs. I took mine apart this week, cleaned it, lubricated, etc.....still couldn't get it to move like the demo lathe. I brought it in to Klingspor's today, to see if they could tell me what to do to fix it. They gave me the smooth sliding banjo off their floor model lathe (not a demo), and swapped it out with mine -- said they'd swap it out with the Jet rep during his next visit to the store.

Now that's customer service!!!

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